What We Stock


The Shop stocks all your everyday groceries and frozen foods.

From staples of bread, milk and cheese, to tinned goods, teas/coffees, biscuits, oils, chutneys/sauces, cereals, sweets, crisps and snacks as well as fresh fruit & vegetables, fruit juices, soft drinks/cordials, wines, beers & ciders, frozen vegetables, meat & fish including frozen pizzas, burgers & chips and ice creams.

We also stock:

Household cleaning products; Baby Foods & Nappies; “Carepac” everyday necessities; Bags of logs and kindling; Pet food & treats; Toiletries (soap, shampoo); Selected medicinal products; Greeting cards

We recently added:

Wild bird seeds & nuts; Mayfield Free Range Organic Eggs; Postage stamps (First & Second Class); Gluten Free/Vegetarian  products; Stationery products (pens, paper, ink, tape, string, printer paper etc)


Local Produce

Where we can we try to stock produce from locally owned suppliers –

Blake’s Kitchen – bakery in Clanfield, Sourdough bread and cinnamon buns to order

Charlotte Spencer – lives in the village and produces quality, natural wax candles, melts and reed diffusers, all hand poured

Kelmscott Country Pork – mainly their sausages, ham and bacon, although additional products are available to order

Lynwood’s – we stock Lynwood’s coffee (ground, espresso and whole bean)

Mayfield Free Range Eggs – based in Oxfordshire.  We regularly receive a delivery of their eggs

Oxfordshire Honey – Faringdon based honey producer. We carry both clear and set honey

Mustard Foods – a company locally owned.  The Shop is happy to take your  order, collect and deliver to you from MF’s wide range of high quality restaurant standard frozen dishes, available in 4-5 portion size.

Winstone’s Cotswold Ice Creams – based in Gloucestershire. We stock a selection of Winstone’s ice ream range

At Christmas

we also take orders from the Lechlade butcher Cutler & Cashin, Kelmscott Country Pork and nearby Upton Smokery with collection, on Christmas Eve, from the Shop

If we don’t stock what you need… tell us!    We will have it next time!