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The Virus has changed everything we know hasn't it? But we will not be downhearted, just stay safe and be alert.

The Teatime Tales have had to be postponed, until when we do not know but watch this space.

The museum put on an exhibition in the garden to commemorate VE day which appeared to be a success. We had 51 visitors, all at timely stages. 21 partook of a takeaway Filkins cream tea and we made over £200 which is good news.

The home guard uniform was on loan from Trish Poole and complimented the display.

Moira Swann kindly donated the Nursing Auxillary uniform to the Museum from her very good friend Gwendaline Hirstle from Holmfirth in Yorkshire. Gwen was a doctor's receptionist in WWII and helped in the local hospital, she only died recently aged 92.

The take away cream tea appeared to be popular and was delivered to those who were self isolating and could not make the exhibition.

Depending on the situation we would like to celebrate VJ Day on Saturday 15 August to remember the final day of World War II. It is anticipated to put on exhibition titled 'Forgotten crafts'. The reasoning behind this is that those fighting the Japanese in Burma etc were known as the 'Forgotten Army' so it will be a reminder of those brave men. Timed slots will be available again and the chance of partaking of a Filkins Cream Tea will be offered. For more information please contact Diane Blackett on 01367-860504 or e mail: r.d.blackett@hotmail.co.uk. Keep safe.