Village Cemetery

Cemetery and Charges

Filkins Cemetery is administered by Filkins & Broughton Poggs Parish Council.  The charges for the cemetery can be found by downloading the sheet from the link below

Cemetery Charge Sheet 2023

As a small village cemetery we do ask that anyone wishing to place a headstone on an existing grave adheres to the rules below. Any stone must be approved by the Parish Council in advance.  The colour of the stone must be light and we prefer traditional British stone to be used.

Please contact the Parish Clerk for more details.

Cemetery Rules

The Parish Council does its best to keep the Cemetery neat and tidy. Please help by taking  home any unwanted vases, artificial flowers and other items.

In general memorial sizes are sanctioned as follows:

  •         Headstones and crosses may be up to 3’6” high and 2’ wide
  •         Sunken slabs may be up to 6’ long and 2’ wide
  •         Headstones to mark ashes may be up to 2’ high and 18” wide
  •          Sunken tablets to mark ashes may be up to 18” x 18”
  •         Kerbstones are acceptable subject to 4.5 below

No dark memorial stones will be allowed, and traditional British stones are preferred.

In all cases details of the type of stone (with a sample of the colour) and the design, size inscription and fixing method of all memorials must be submitted to the Parish Council in writing, and permission obtained in writing from the Parish Council before a memorial is erected.

All ashes must be placed in ashes plots in the memorial garden. Ashes will not be allowed in a full size plot unless it already exists.