Filkins Theatre

The Pirates of Penzance

The Revd Fletcher and the Cast of "The Pirates of Penzance" performed in the 1930's

Filkins Theatre

Filkins Theatre is an active group throughout the year. We put on plays, supper theatre evenings, murder mysteries, and rehearsed indoor and outdoor readings.
We also have monthly meetings, each one arranged by a FT member, at which we read a play, or recite poetry, or otherwise enjoy some 'theatrical activity'...And of course we enjoy a drink, a chat, and each other's company.
Filkins Theatre welcomes new members, whether from within or without the village, who wish to work on productions (whether directing, acting, working behind the scenes or front of house)... Or who just like to enjoy a bit of theatrical camaraderie.

Events in 2023

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FT Secretary Jani Burwood
FT Publicity Richard Martin