Book Club

Book Club

Lively, fun, inclusive and not too serious!

The book club is currently fully subscribed and is unfortunately therefore not open to new members.

The Filkins Book Club was started in January 2006 with 10 members. Over the years people have come and gone, but we have grown in number and now the group consists of 13 men and women.

The group meets once every 6 weeks or so and a nominated person buys 6 copies of a book of their choice; which are then shared by the group. As the village community is so integrated, this has been quite easy to manage.

At each meeting the person who chose the book acts as Chairman. We discuss the book, whether we liked the plot, the characters, how it made us feel, etc. The format of the meeting is not prescriptive, we just let it flow. As we have a lot of different personalities in the club, it is the responsibility of the Chairman on the day to make sure everyone gets a chance to make their comments. So it is lively, fun, inclusive and not too serious!

The group have read romance, crime, self help, war, religion, rights of passage, short stories and table top. We have read some classics, which many of us have never got around to reading - which have been amazing. We have had books from Sweden - from Lisa Porter - which have shown us insights into another culture and have without exception have generated lots of discussion. We have had books that some people have loved and others absolutely hated. We have had a number of books that have caused such a stir that we invariably come back to discussing at each meeting!

To date the group have read 134 books, an amazing number of which, interestingly, have a 2nd World War theme running through them. This has been purely accidental but has added a different dimension to the discussions as we have been able to make comparisons.

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