Latest News

Village Centre Garden - This is now looking very overgrown. The Leylandii trees are overgrowing the shed roof and the playground and a large branch has broken off the tallest tree from the Bowls Club side. We have taken advice from arborists and they have recommended removing the Leylandii. We have been given permission by Nick Dalby, WODC Tree Officer, and so this work will be undertaken on 1st September. It will take 3 days and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

White bridge - OCC Highways have  reported back to us that the white railings near Goodfellows have failed and will be removed. They will not replace them with wooden railings but galvanised metal which we can paint white. We have been in correspondence with them for several months and they will not replace it with wood due to Highway safety. It will also need to be heightened. We have another meeting scheduled to clarify. Picture of what this will look like here but the stone base will remain. We are waiting for a planning decision from OCC before we can discuss further.

Trees at Bulls Close - We have been consulting with OCC for several months concerning the replacement of the Pyrus trees as the fruit is hazardous. They did agree to replacing them with ornamental cherries - without fruit - but they have now told us they will NOT agree. We continue negotiating to just take out the tree covering the pavement and parking spaces.

Meeting with ECT -  Agreement has been made to extend Taylor's Close (kick about field) we are awaiting the new lease but hope to level the surface and replace the fencing when received.

Village Centre - refurbishment of the toilets are complete. We are now working on the changing room. Swimming Pool dry stone wall has been rebuilt. We will be rebuilding the Bowls Club wall in September. We have permission to fell the Leylandii trees and the dead tree in the Village Centre garden. Work will start on 1st September. Playground refurbishment is due to start with the re-designing of the bark surrounds in September/October.

Cemetery -  Works to the trees and path are due to be start on 18th August.

Post Office- we are pursuing a mobile service or a visiting Post Master once a week.

Dog Poo- With residents being at home more there has been an increase of dog walking. Please can you pick up the poo at all times. Bag it and take it home or put it in one of the dog bins in our villages. This is harmful to humans, cattle and horses. We also have a new Groundsman who has expanded the area he looks after and it is a health risk to him if you do not collect it.

Red Phone Box - This will be  refurbished when the weather warms up and we will be looking to raise a working party for repainting and replacing the glass. If any residents have ideas for its use or want to volunteer to help please contact the Clerk.

The Bund - the grass has been strimmed around the bund to prevent brambles establishing themselves. WODC have inspected it and say that it is working well and will not need any major repair for many years.

RAF Brize Norton -  Low flying  control zone


If you wish to make a complaint about activity within the RAF Brize Norton Control Zone (pictured above) please use the following details below to register a complaint, please be aware that flying complaints are responded to within 20 working days.

Phone us: on 01993 896500

Email us at:

Write to us: Low Flying Complaints, Operations Wing, RAF Brize Norton, Carterton, OX18 3LX

To make a complaint, send the following information:

  • your name
  • full address and postcode
  • telephone number
  • date and time of the problem
  • location of the problem
  • type of aircraft, if known
  • a brief description of your complaint

Brize Defence Aerodrome Manual