Latest News

RAF Brize Norton -  As many residents are aware there has been an increase in activity above us over the last couple of months. Some of the reason is that we are all home at the moment and others that not all their training is usually done here and airports all over the Country are currently closed. Please find a letter explaining the reasons from the Station Commander. Click here 

Village Centre - as many residents are aware the quotes for the original plan for refurbishment were far in excess of what the Parish Council considered to be a fair expenditure. A new quote has been requested for new toilets and we hope to proceed with this work as soon as possible.

Dog Poo- With residents being at home more there has been an increase of dog walking. Please can you pick up the poo at all times. Bag it and take it home or put it in one of the dog bins in our villages. This is harmful to humans, cattle and horses. We also have a new Groundsman who has expanded the area he looks after and it is a Health risk to him if you do not collect it.

Motorbikes - there has been an increase in motorbike activity on the A361 - probably because it is quite empty. Many residents have reported this on the Thames Valley Police site and we ask all residents to continue doing so. We have contacted our Community Officer PCSO Colin Davies and he is liaising between us and Traffic.

Red Phone Box - Many residents will have noticed the closure notice on the phone box due to lack of use. The Parish Council have been asked if they want to adopt it and we have agreed. It does need refurbishment and we will be looking to raise a working party for repainting and replacing the glass.

Village signage - we met with OCC Highways in July 2019 to discuss better signage for our villages. We are hoping, with the new financial year that these will be erected soon.

Street Light - Hazels Lane - The street light in Hazels Lane is due to be replaced in the near future.