January 2020

The Community Lead Plan – An Update

A big thank you to those of who put yourself forward to be members of the next Community Lead Plan Steering Group following an information evening hosted last year. I am pleased to confirm that the team has been selected and comprises of myself, Ena Constable, Annika Hansen, Moira Swann, Rachel Avery, Alexis Thompson, Colin Daniels, Lee Bennett and Craig Johnson, with Kym Ford and Julie Tridgell acting as representatives from the Parish Council and Cris Hoad as Clerk to the Parish Council taking the minutes.

This is a quick heads up to let you know what’s happened so far.
We have agreed the overall objectives and are currently gathering information, including a review of feedback and benefits from the previous plan and knowledge sharing from other village plans. Our next action is to agree and create a Delivery Plan to determine how we will meet the challenges of creating a CLP that will represent the thoughts and wishes from the people who work or live in the area. This includes creation of a Communications Plan to keep you all informed. Please watch this space for further details.

If you would like to contact us please do so via the Parish Clerk using filkinsclerk@hotmail.co.uk.

Emma Keating, CLP Chair