February 2022

Lee Bennett on behalf of CLP is leading on the Bus Strategy. While OCC are looking at bus services throughout Oxfordshire Lee is contacting bus companies,  District, Town and Parish Councils collecting data on bus usage and the effects of losing Route 64.

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November 2020

My name is Teresa Smallbone and I have been asked to take over as Chair of the Community-led Plan and have agreed. Seemed like a good lockdown project, I suppose, and one that is worthwhile, and one that I hope we can all contribute to. If you were at the one and I think only public meeting about the Plan, held in May last year, I was the facilitator and wrote up the notes of that meeting. I worked for the consumer organisation Which? for many years, and for the then Department of the Environment, and ended up as a marketing lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, where I taught consumer behaviour and marketing research, taking early retirement in 2010. My husband Jeremy is a parish councillor, but is not involved directly with the community-led plan. Until covid, we both volunteered in the village shop, and I’m on the shop committee.

The Plan committee now consists of me, Emma Keating, Moira Swann, Colin Daniels, Craig Johnstone, Ena Constable, Lee Bennett, and Rachel Avery, and two parish councillors.

Very best wishes,

Teresa Smallbone

(email: teresasmallbone@gmx.com)



January 2020

The Community Lead Plan – An Update

A big thank you to those of who put yourself forward to be members of the next Community Lead Plan Steering Group following an information evening hosted last year. I am pleased to confirm that the team has been selected and comprises of myself, Ena Constable, Annika Hansen, Moira Swann, Rachel Avery, Alexis Thompson, Colin Daniels, Lee Bennett and Craig Johnson, with Kym Ford and Julie Tridgell acting as representatives from the Parish Council and Cris Hoad as Clerk to the Parish Council taking the minutes.

This is a quick heads up to let you know what’s happened so far.
We have agreed the overall objectives and are currently gathering information, including a review of feedback and benefits from the previous plan and knowledge sharing from other village plans. Our next action is to agree and create a Delivery Plan to determine how we will meet the challenges of creating a CLP that will represent the thoughts and wishes from the people who work or live in the area. This includes creation of a Communications Plan to keep you all informed. Please watch this space for further details.

If you would like to contact us please do so via the Parish Clerk using filkinsclerk@hotmail.co.uk.

Emma Keating, CLP Chair