Community Led Plan

Community Led Plan

A chance to influence and shape the village of Filkins and Broughton Poggs

The development of a new Community Led Plan (CLP) for Filkins and Broughton Poggs will be an exciting, creative project and a real opportunity to further develop our wonderful village and give all or residents an opportunity to influence the content of the plan. The plan will, through consultation with residents, develop a common vision of how our community would like to develop in the short/ medium term and identify actions needed to achieve that vision.

During the creation of the plan the whole community will have the opportunity to identify and highlight areas of satisfaction as well as ideas for improving overall village life.

Having outlined to villagers at the CLP launch meeting in May how the process of drawing up a plan would work and gathered initial thoughts and suggestions for topics to include, we are now looking to recruit members of our village community to be on the CLP Steering Group. We are seeking individuals who live in the village who would like to be actively involved as members of the steering group that will lead and co-ordinate this project. We anticipate that there will be monthly meetings of the Steering Group (dates and times to be agreed by members) with actions for individuals to undertake between meetings as and when relevant.

Are you a person who could be a member of this group?

We are looking for
· people from a wide range of ages/ gender /backgrounds
· people with various histories and experiences of the village – from newish residents to those that have had a life time living in the village
· people who are new to volunteering/limited other involvement in village activity

But most importantly we are looking for residents of the village who have
· a passion for the village, its residents, and its diversity
· the optimism and energy to continue to develop and strengthen the community
· a vision and ideas of how to continue to strengthen the community
· ability to work with a diverse group of people
· creativity and imagination

We are hoping for a wide cross section of village life to be represented by individuals on the Steering Group and we are looking for around 8 – 10 volunteers. If you are interested and would like to find out more or would like to be a member of the steering group then please phone, email, or write to one of us (contact details below) indicating that you would like to be part of the group by Sunday 8th September 2019. We will then put together the Steering Group with our first meeting scheduled for mid - September.

Thank you

Julie Tridgell (Parish Councillor)      07867 311778/01367 860674    Colston House, Filkins

Moira Swann (Steering Committee Chair) 01367 860090 The Tallet, Broughton Poggs          

Kym Ford (Parish Councillor)          07879 698316/ 01367 860006     Manor Farmhouse, Broughton Poggs

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