We’re starting soon!

19th April 2023

The green is ready for the first rollup of the year!

Join us at 6pm on Monday 24th April

Also happening soon:

Jane Martin is kindly organising a Beetle Drive on Wednesday 26th April at 7.30pm in Filkins Village Hall.
Absolutely no experience needed!
A silly but fun game for the whole family.

18th November 2022

Our annual presentation night was held in Filkins Village Hall on Friday 18th November

Winners of 2022 club competitions:

Competition Winner Runner up
Singles Malcolm Barnes Phil Chapman
Pairs Ken Gough / Malcolm Barnes Mick Lewis / Phil Chapman
Two Woods Brian Richens Robert Robbins
Edward Inns Phil Chapman Robert Robbins
Handicap Ken Gough Malcolm Barnes
Never Won Nigel Keep Robin Night

Photos and a write-up to follow shortly

4th September 2022

Sunday 4th September, we held our very first Clive Gould Memorial Trophy Competition.

Clive Gould was for many, many years a big part of Filkins Bowls Club. But some of you may remember Clive as one of the founding members of St Filica, appearing in pantomimes and running his Veg Shed from behind his and Sheila’s house on Rouses Lane. Or perhaps as a masterful auctioneer at the Annual Flower, Produce Show and Fete (which then was run by The Bowls Club) selling off vegetables and cakes with great humour. A passionate bowler he was always very patient towards new bowlers and helpful with advice and coaching.

As always when holding any outdoor event in this county in September you never quite know what the weather will throw at you, but it was a lovely sunny day.

Twelve members took part in this knock-out, 7 ends triples competition which started at 10am and by early afternoon Captain Robert Robbins, having beaten Brian Richens in the final, was declared its first ever winner and Sheila Gould presented him with a beautiful trophy.

Also there on the day watching were Clive’s son Steven and daughter Christine with her husband Andrew and at the end of the day we all enjoyed refreshments provided by Sheila.

This trophy will be played for again next year.

25th July 2022

At our Monday roll up on 25th July we celebrated the 45th Wedding Anniversary of our Club Captain Robert Robbins and his wife Pauline, with cake and prosecco.

Robert, born and bred in Filkins has been bowling since he was 14 and has been our Captain for 34 years… that’s some record too. He is always unfailingly polite, helpful, encouraging and has the memory of an elephant, recalling who played who, what and when in seasons past.

Pauline was presented with a beautiful bouquet of purple, blue and white flowers with a helium balloon, their health was toasted, and a convivial time was had by all.

Words and photos by Jane Martin

30th May 2022

The season is well underway as are the club
competitions, but in May we celebrated a
very special member’s very special birthday.
Mick turned 80 (who would believe it!) and on
Monday 30th, players met to celebrate. With
a magnificent cake made by Vicky Heath,
together with glasses of prosecco his health
was toasted. Mick heads a small team which
keeps the green in tip top order, he spends
endless hours feeding, weeding, cutting and
watering and the club showed its
appreciation by presenting him with vouchers
to spend as he will and made him an
Honorary Member……no more subs Mick!!
He Is also patience personified when he encourages and mentors new players,
a huge thank you Mick.

Words and photo by Jane Martin

20th April 2022

Despite the forecast threatening with rain the evening of our first roll-up of the season was dry if not warm.
Nine members gathered, the green looked amazing and was a dream to play on.  The corner garden and the pots are looking colourful and pretty.
After a few ends it was nice with a cup of coffee in our new mugs! Click here to see us in action!

13th April 2022

We are ready to begin!

Our weekly Roll Ups start on Tuesday 19th April , 6pm

Then 6pm every Monday evening, weather permitting
New members welcome!

19th March  2022

We will soon be heading for the green!

In April we start practicing, weekly Monday evening roll ups, in preparation for this season’s first game (away) on the 4th May.

Our first home game is on the 14th May, please do come and watch us play!

We are always looking for new members and would love to welcome you on a Monday evening.  You don’t need to know how to play, there will be someone to show you around. There will even be bowls you can borrow, all you need is a pair of flat soled shoes – patience and a sense of humour is also good!

I you would like more information about the Bowls Club, please contact one of the club’s officers

Captain Robert Robbins 01367 860977
Vice Captain Robin Knight 07580874186
Secretary Annika Hansen 07775 093484
Fixture Secretary Terry Essam 01285 851734

15th November 2021

On Friday 12th of November we held our annual Presentation Night with fish & chip supper in Filkins Village Hall. It was well attended, not just by current members but we were in great company of old, new and potential members. It was a great evening and the cup winners in the Club Completions 2021 were as follow:

Competition Winner Runner up
Singles (4 woods, first to 21) Ken Gough Phil Chapman
Pairs (4 woods, first to 21) Robert Robbins / Ken Gough Phil Chapman / Annika Hansen
Two woods (2 woods, 11 ends) Ken Gough Brian Richens
Edward Inns (3 woods, 10 ends) Brian Richens Robert Robbins
Handicap (4 woods, first to 21) Phil Chapman Mick Lewis
Never won (4 woods, first to 21) Ken Gough Phil Chapman

We have over the last few years of playing club competitions moved away from awarding crystal glasses in favour of medals. A big thank you to Robin Knight for once again organising them. They look great (click here)!