Wine Offer

Many friends of Filkins will already be enjoying the benefits of the Email Wine Offer from ‘Our Village Shop’ in the village, and we have certainly had some appreciative comments from our happy customers.

“Great initiative”

“It is now frighteningly easy to order wine in the middle of the night!”

“What a good idea”

“Keep this up. I'd much rather support the shop than the supermarkets.”

“The wines I bought are wonderful... tastes much pricier than it was… Is it possible to order any more?”

For those who have not yet received the email offers, buying wine from ‘Our Village Shop’ could not be easier…

When you receive the offer, just hit ‘reply’ and email back your name, address and contact number, and how many bottles of each wine you would like to order. Mix your order as you like, so long as you order a minimum of six bottles in total.

We box them up and let you know by email or telephone when they are ready for you to pay-and-collect from ‘Our Village Shop’ in Filkins.

No hassles with town-centre parking, no long drives to a wine warehouse, just excellent wine at heavily discounted prices. And you will be supporting ‘Our Village Shop’ as well.

If you are not receiving the offer, and would like to, just email your name and email address to Charlotte Ashby: and get ready for some great wine deals!

Amazing savings on wines from your Village Shop: