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The Village Centre, Rouses Lane, Filkins, Lechlade GL7 3JE

You will find us by the swimming pool!

Filkins village shop

Filkins Community Shop was set up as a community shop with around 180 shareholders in September 2005. Although the Shop has in the past employed staff, it is now managed and run by a team of volunteers. We currently have 205 shareholders and welcome more.

Little Bit of History

Filkins Community Shop came into existence out of the Village Community Led Plan 2004.

Often referred to as “Our Village Shop” (it’s also on our logo), the Shop first opened its door officially on 17th December 2005, although it first opened on Saturday 13 August 2005 as a “tuck shop”.

The Shop is owned by its members (i.e. shareholders) and is a “not for profit” organisation with any surplus being invested back into the business or distributed to a local charity or good cause. We recently donated to the British Legion and the Playground Project along with buying a bench for the Village Centre.

As a shareholder, you have the right to decide the Shop’s future and to have a say in how it is run. Each person may buy a single share for £10. The share is neither withdrawable nor transferable. It is effectively a donation.

Filkins Community Shop Committee

Chairman Hilary Skinner hilaryskinner7@icloud.com
Treasurer Alan Heath alanheath1@hotmail.co.uk
Secretary Barry Heath barryheath72@gmail.com

Committee members –  Ann Choyce, Jennifer Rooke, Sue Yardley

We accept cash, debit/credit card, contactless payment and cheques payable to “Filkins Community Shop”

The Filkins Community Shop Association Limited  Reg. No. 29989R